New BBM Beta Brings Auto Transfer Of HQ Photos, Improved Sticker Picker & More

If you’re looking for a new beta to play around with over the weekend, BlackBerry is here for you. They’ve just announced a new build of BBM is now available through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, and it has numerous bug fixes and new features included that need testing. The list of bug fixes wasn’t noted in the info, however, the new features list was and here’s what to expect if you’ve been invited.

  • New Features – Explore the improved sticker picker, auto transfer of HQ photos and Rate BBM! Try receiving a picture from a friend to see the improved photo quality and make note of your likes/dislikes with the new feature.

As it is a beta, we’ve also listed the known issues, so you can decide if the new features are worth dealing with some possible new bugs in the meantime.

  • Installation WILL wipe all your current chats
  • User should not be allowed to play a video while doing Screen sharing through a video call
  • Heavy lag experienced after User send/receive few stickers and copied the chat in the message typing area to compose a full-length message
  • “Rate App Prompt” now appears every time User reopens BBM after selecting “Remind me later” on first showing
  • Inserting some smileys after a word that with a # inserts only the Smiley shortcode
  • Voice Call with a BBOS contact is being disconnected after a while
  • In the Dark background, characters in the display name field are not seen properly by the User when an error occurs

Depending on which device you have, it could be showing as any of these versions: v10.5.2.7,, or The beta does appear to be limited for the moment, so if you’ve not yet received invite you might have to wait a bit longer. Worst case, you’ll have to wait for the official release but at least we know what’s coming in the next version plus, BBM betas tend to go official rather quickly.

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