BlackBerry Marketing Gets A Supercharge From Advertising & Marketing Firm Gyro

Have you noticed there has been more marketing coming out of BlackBerry lately? The launch of the BlackBerry Passport has brought forth plenty of new videos, new imagery, new ad placements, new slogans and more. For years now, BlackBerry fans have been asking for marketing muscle from BlackBerry and according to Advertising Age, BlackBerry has heard folks loud and clear and has brought on business-to-business advertising and marketing firm Gyro to help the company remake the brand.

Following a pitch, BlackBerry selected gyro as its global agency of record to promote BlackBerry Passport, its first new handset under CEO John Chen. The agency will also be responsible for communicating the company’s new focus on enterprise software and services.

Christoph Becker, CEO of gyro, called his task of re-launching the brand “any advertiser’s dream.” The campaign, dubbed “Work Wide,” leans on the Passport’s broad screen — built for business functions like reading email and spreadsheets — and the declaration the device is more secure than other smartphones. “If you’re not doing serious business, then you can take any other phone,” Mr. Becker said. Still, Mr. Becker noted the pitch isn’t aimed at replacing consumer’s smartphones; they can still have an iPhone for play and a BlackBerry for work. That keeps the company out of the pitched battle in the category between Apple, Samsung and leaner competitors. “That war is not on their doorstep,” Mr. Becker said.

“This is not only about launching a brand; this all about bringing an entire company back,” said Mr. Becker. “Who doesn’t like a good comeback?”

There’s no doubt the BlackBerry brand has been beat up over the past few years but it’s still a strong and valuable one, it’s just that previously there arguably hasn’t been a lot of focus on actually pushing it out there. With Gyro now on board, it would seem as though BlackBerry has recognized they need to fight back and put more cash into advertising and marketing whereas before, they were just kind of letting things roll on and not tooting their own horn like they should have been. Any guesses who Gyro has previously worked with? If you guessed SAP, you’d be right.

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