Oblivion RPG Game Review

oblivion game review

Oblivion was the first RPG game to really open my eyes to the genre. I first played it on the Xbox 360 (when they were new) and was absolutely bowled over by the graphical beauty of the huge open world environment and the desire to go exploring instantly took over (once I had stepped out of the sewers, of course. Sewers have little explorability appeal).

Bethesda’s first Medieval game to be released on the console (but the fourth installment in the Elder Scrolls series) was their defining point. Oblivion gained immense popularity in a very short period of time and it’s evident why even when you’re in your first of many hours. The world around you is the perfect to the last, as are the game mechanics, visuals and story.

Starting the game in a prison cell you are weaponless and a little bemused as you are given no reason for your incarceration. After a little back-and-forth medieval banter with a fellow inmate from the facing cell you see the Emperor accompanied by his entourage descending the stone stairs. They all enter your cell and the guards treat you rudely until the Emperor surprises you (and them) by telling you he has seen your face in his dreams. He trusts you implicitly and allows you to follow him through a secret passage conveniently hidden in the very cell you stand in. You follow the Emperor and his Blades through a series of giant rat infested tunnels and are eventually attacked by a group of mysterious robed assassins that are trying to kill the majestic fellow. By this time you are lucky enough to have a weapon (albeit a simple sword) and are able to help the Blades out and experience your first sweet taste of Oblivion’s combat system.

Combat System

The combat mechanics in Oblivion are smooth and make for a greatly pleasant experience. Using your left mouse button to attack and the right mouse button to defend feels really natural and makes combat fluid, easy to pick up and indeed, to master. Your class reflects what weapons your skills excel in and the classes are aplenty. The option to use a custom class is available to you, but using one of the twelve pre-made classes is also a good option, there’s so many to choose from and there’s always the perfect class for every player.


  • Acrobat: The Acrobat can jump longer distances and uses agility and endurance to their advantage. They specialize in stealth but are also skilled in acrobatics, blade, block, marksman, security, speechcraft and sneak.
  • Agent: The Agent is another stealth class and use agility and their famed charm. The Agent’s skills are acrobatics, illusion, marksmen, mercantile, security, sneak and speechcraft. Quite similar to the Acrobat, but with more charm.
  • Archer: The Archer is a master of the bow and can take enemies down easily from afar. They specialize in combat and strength, and are skilled in armor, blade, blunt, hand-to-hand, marksman and sneak.
  • Assassin: Quick, quiet and nearly invisible, the assassins are formidable foes that strike from the darkness. They can also lockpick. Specializing in stealth, the Assassin is also skilled in acrobatics, alchemy, blade, light armor, security, marksman and sneak.
  • Barbarian: The Barbarians are ruthless fighters that create fear in the very souls of their enemies. They specialize in combat but are also skilled in armor, athletics, blade, block, blunt, hand-to-hand and light armor.
  • Bard: The bards are true charmers and prefer to sort out there problems with articulacy before resorting to weapons. The Bard specializes in stealth, but is also skilled in, alchemy, blade, block, illusion, light armor, mercantile and speechcraft.
  • Battlemage: The battlemage’s can annihilate their enemies with magic just as well as they can with weapons. The perfect balance of mage and warrior. Battlemages specialize in magic, but are also skilled in alchemy, alteration, blade, blunt, conjuration, destruction and mysticism.
  • Crusader: Crusaders are soldiers with an enhanced knowledge of healing. They specialize in combat, but are also skilled in athletics, blade, blunt, destruction, hand-to-hand, heavy armor and restoration.
  • Healer: It goes without saying that the healer well, heals. They use potions and lotions to regenerate allies health and cure disease. Healers specialize in magic but are also skilled in alchemy, alteration, destruction, illusion, mercantile, restoration and speechcraft.
  • Knight: Strong in body and mind, the knight is noble and an awe inspiring warrior on the battlefield. The knight specializes in combat, but is also skilled in blade, block, blunt, hand-to-hand, heavy armor, illusion and speechcraft.
  • Mage: Masters of magic and holders of great knowledge. Mages use magic as their main attack and are adept in the arcane. These magical beings specialize in magic but are also skilled in alchemy, conjuration, alteration, destruction, mysticism, illusion and restoration.
  • Monk: The Monk is quick and of sharp mind. He fights with his fists alone or using his trusty bow. Specializing in stealth, the Monk is also skilled in acrobatics, alteration, athletics, hand-to-hand, marksmen, security and sneak.
  • Nightblade: Darkness and magic are their closest friends. Nightblades specialize in magic, but are also skilled in acrobatics, alteration, athletics, blade, destruction, light armor and restoration.
  • Pilgrim: Master wordsmiths, Pilgrims use their speechcraft to change the minds of the weak. Pilgrims specialize in stealth, but are also skilled in armor, block, blunt, light armor, mercantile, security and speechcraft.
  • Rogue: Rogues are fast and agile fighters and very persuasive when they need to be. Rogues specialize in athletics, alchemy, blade, block, illusion, light armor, speechcraft and mercantile.
  • Scout: The all-seeing scout is a creature of the forest. They are masters at evading enemies. Scouts specialize in combat, but are also proficient in acrobatics, alchemy, armor, athletics, blade, block and light armor.
  • Sorcerer: The Sorcerer is highly trained in the arts of magic and the arcane. Unlike the Mage, they have a lot of stamina to bear the weight of heavy armor. Sorcerers specialize in magic, but are also skilled in alchemy, conjuration, alteration, destruction, heavy armor, mysticism and light armor.
  • Spellsword: Unlike the Sorcerer, the Spellsword is nimble and agile and much better with magic than knights. Spellswords specialize in magic, but are also adept in alteration, blade, block, heavy armor, destruction, illusion and restoration.
  • Thief: Often found watching from the shadows, thieves love to profit from what the can steal from others. They are master locksmiths and specialize in sneak. Thieves are also adept in acrobatics, light armor, marksman, mercantile, security, sneak and speechcraft.
  • Warrior: The battlefield is the home of the warrior and where they thrive. Warriors specialize in combat, but extremely proficient in armor, athletics, blade, block, blunt, hand-to-hand and heavy armor.
  • Witch-Hunter: Clever and effective with magic, the Witch-hunters are better at fighting from distances using their infallible bow skills. They specialize in magic, but are also skilled in alchemy, athletics, conjuration, destruction, marksmen, mysticism and security.As shown here, there are many, many classes in Oblivion to choose from and no player will struggle to find one perfect for them.


Oblivion is a hugely immersive game with a hell of a lot to offer. The locations are both beautiful and plenty and discovering the nooks and crannies of the world is a breathtaking and mesmeric experience and one every fan of the genre needs to undertake. For hundreds of potential hours of medieval greatness this is an absolute must. G2A cashback is available on this triumph leaving little excuse for you to not don your armor, take your sword and enter in to an amazing world of war, magic, honor and most importantly, armored horses.

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