Outstanding New Gadgets & Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

apps and gadgets you've never heard of

Apps and gadgets are ubiquitous in today’s world where everyone lives and breathes on them and yes, for good reason. Living without a smartphone or an app is almost unimaginable today as these gadgets of the 21st century do make many aspects of our lives easier to handle. Tech blogs and news make us aware of the newest gadgets in town, but there could some gadgets and apps which you have never heard of. Here’s a list of these gadgets/apps which are bound to impress hordes of geeks and non-geeks alike:



Wildcard is a cool new app that opens up a new way for hackers, designers, entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers (or anyone using Twitter) to meet like-minded people. At meet ups, events and conferences or any place for that matter, users can request Decks to make networking easy and fun. This nifty app gives you a conversation starter, an ice-breaker to connect with like-minded professionals around you. You can create your personal wildcard which serves an opportunity for anyone around you to connect with you. You can express your personality and tell others what you are looking for. You can also use Decks to filter any places that you are not familiar with.



As more and more gadgets and apps flood the tech market, they also have a propensity to make our lifestyles more sedentary. Sitting in front of the computer or laptop for prolonged hours can impact your health in many ways. Your back is not an exception either. That’s where UpRight comes in to save your back literally. It is a trendy new wearable which can help you improve your back posture thereby eliminating posture-related back pains. What you have to do is simply attach it to your lower back. It will keep an eye on your postural habits. If you bend your back in an inappropriate way, UpRight will gently vibrate nudging you to straighten your back immediately. UpRight has been known to greatly improve your back posture within a week even if you use it for as less as 60 minutes a day.



What do you do when you need an urgent print-out of a document and all you have is your smartphone? Droprinter solves this problem effectively. Droprinter has been touted as the world’s only printer and also the first printer that is exclusively designed for smartphones. It is not only affordable, but also portable enough allowing you to print documents anywhere and at any time. Droprinter uses thermal paper and can print almost anything from your smartphone.

Solar Paper


The future of the planet depends upon how much we reduce the burning of fossil fuels and turn to more clean, renewable sources of energy. One such resource is the sun’s abundant energy. To tap this infinite energy, we have many off-grid, on-grid solar power systems in the market but Solar Paper is one of the world’s smallest solar chargers. You can place it inside your planner or note. It is an ultra-light and paper-thin solar charger. It comes in capacities of 2W, 5W, 7.5W and 10W. In ideal conditions, you can charge your iPhone 6 easily in two and a half hours! Thus, Solar Paper is a superb choice for travelers with zero access to electricity.

Baubax Jacket


Imagine a jacket with pockets for every imaginable purpose. Here’s the Baubax jacket which is known as the world’s best travel jacket. You have a built-in neck pillow besides gloves, an eye mask, a drink pocket, earphone holders, microfiber cloth, sunglass pocket, ipad pocket, hand-warming pockets, phone pocket, zipper for pen and stylus, a passport pocket, blanket pocket and a portable charger pocket. You will find a pocket for almost anything in this jacket — a definite must-have for travel junkies.

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