Panasonic’s Transparent TV Disappears With A Wave Of Your Hand [VIDEO]

You know we’re getting a little spoiled when the reaction to things like real hoverboards and self-parking cars are “yeah, we saw that coming.” So it’s really no surprise that a nearly transparent, gesture-powered TV from Japan’s Panasonic demonstrated last week flew under the radar of so many.

The widescreen television was housed in a bookcase and allowed you to make the screen temporarily translucent, letting you see the items (vinyl record covers, sculptures, vases, etc.) on the shelf behind it. In addition to the almost translucent display, the television also features a gesture-controlled music app that lets you spin a carousel of your digital music over half of the display while the other half continues to give you a see-through view behind the display.

It’s the kind of thing that you’d see in those special effects-laden future of tech videos just a few years ago, but in this case, the technology is real.

We don’t know when it might hit the market; the prototype shown was part of Panasonic’s smart home display at CES, which offered a peek at technologies it hopes to release between 2018 and 2020.

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