Reasons Why Buying A Refurbished Phone Is A Smart Deal

benefits of buying a refurbished phone

Even if you buy the most high-tech phone available in the market today, there will be another model in the market the next month. As the grass is always greener on the unattainable side, our desire for the hottest new phone shall always remain unquenchable.

If your love for phones if higher than the love of women for new clothes and diamonds, you definitely need an economical solution for your hi-tech philandering. While women may or may not shift to lesser expensive counterparts for their clothes, you can any day out for refurbished mobile phones to satiate your thirst for the new technology. Refurbished phones are models that have been returned to the manufacturers, often for the reason that the owner didn’t like it. The phone is then tested for problems, wiped for all the data, restored back to its factory standard condition for full functioning. Since these phones are not brand new, they are sold at highly discounted prices, making them a favorable option for all the tech geeks.

Some other advantages include the following:

Purchase Price

The primary reason why people are interested in a refurbished device is because of their lower costs. You get the latest technology product with perfect working at hugely discounted prices, definitely more than a tech geek could ask for.

Customer Adherence

It is an added advantage of buying a refurbished phone. As mobile phone designs ebb and flow in the market, it could be possible if your favorite model may no longer be manufactured by the company. By opting for a refurb, you can get your preferred phone for a fraction of its cost.

Get Rid Of Long Contracts

When you buy a refurbished mobile phone, you can considerably reduce the cost of your phone service provider bill. Since you will not have to cover the cost of a pricey new phone, you can lower the overall cost of your monthly phone bill.

With a short term contract, you also are free to switch from one provider to another, based on the company that has the best mobile rates for you.

So Many Options To Choose From

While purchasing a refurbished phone, you have so many more choices than when cataloging through the latest models in the market. This way, you are more likely to find a phone that meets your needs in actually than settling for something affluent that you might not even use.

People often believe the myth that refurbished phones are mere junk. The reality, however, is that a refurbished phone is a superb quality phone that can give you the technology you want, at a price you can easily afford. By opting for a refurb, you also help in preserving the environment by limiting the amount of the trendy technology being trashed.

How Do You Know If The Product Is Perfect To Use?

All the refurbished phones are allotted a grade that reflects their condition. There is no universally applied standard for grading, hence, it is best to refer to it before buying.

As a thumb rule, the grades range from A to D.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Grade A: This is as new as a brand new one. At its best, it would possibly be a phone that was returned within the cooling off period, thus is a brand new phone to all its intents and purposes. At worst, it will have negligible signs of wear and tear.
  • Grade B: You can expect an odd chip or a scratch on a grade B phone.
  • Grade C: Phones graded ‘C’ will perhaps have some blemishes and will look used.
  • Grade D: A grade D refurbished phone will be broken in some way, will look second-hand and would be used quite a much.

Most of the networks only sell A-C graded phones. You can get grade D phones from some refurbished phone traders on third party websites like eBay or Amazon, but even they recommend you to buy one only if you know how to repair phones yourself.

To thwart things further, some networks use their own grading system. O2, for instance, opts for grades like ‘Perfect’, ‘Almost Perfect’ and ‘Perfectly Fine’.

Remember, your decision about buying a refurbished phone should depend on the quality. This is because refurbished phones are checked for quality and function before being placed on the shelves. So your decision should not depend only on the aesthetics, but on the working of the phone as well.

Where Can You Buy A Refurbished iPhone?

If you are an Apple enthusiast, then it would be great news for you to know that Apple itself has a refurbished department. Other than that, you can also buy a refurbished apple product from third party retailers like JemJem, or on eBay and Amazon, or from the network service providers like ATNT, Verizon and T-Mobile. eBay and Amazon also offer a great variety of refurbs for Android devices as well.

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