Safe Email Testing Is No Longer A Dream

Among many inefficient services, we have found one that really works for email testing. Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server to test, view and share emails sent from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers. You have a blissful opportunity to examine your email notifications without sending it to actual users of your apps (spamming your own customers is a rather bad idea, that is why such service helps improve your performance). Mailtrap is a built by Railsware Products, Inc., a premium web development consulting company.

It is quite easy to integrate Mailtrap with your applications by specifying it as an SMTP server in your application’s settings – and you can track email notifications online! Simple as that, it minimizes timewasting actions.

Aside basic functions, you are also allowed to use some advantageous utilities:

  • Analyze your emails for spam and blacklist.
  • Test HTML for support by common email clients.
  • Quick and simple setup using standard configuration code.
  • Auto-forward emails for your teammates or other people who might need it.
  • Organizing you test emails into special inboxes.
  • Sharing inboxes with your teammates to maximize the efficiency.

However, the main benefit of this service is its simplicity and one-size-fits-all usage. It can be involved for both development and staging purposes; as well, it does not use any special platform-dependent libraries, so Mailtrap can be used with any framework and programming language. Platform-independent service is a great choice for developing companies; it reduces the time you would spend for adopting new functionality and aims.

Mailtrap renders emails in the same way as browsers do, so it is 99% compatible with the most popular email clients.

Mailtrap has a moderate price list and a freemium program for private usage. Moreover, this company provides improved functionality for open sources and non-profit organizations on a free permanent chargeless basis.

Looking for testimonials and references, you may find out that this service already has numerous happy customers among big profitable companies such as Discovery Communications, Atlassian, Pivotal Labs, SendGrid, Yelp etc.

If you look for reputable email testing service, we strongly recommend trying Mailtrap. By all means, you will not regret it.

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