Why Do Sales Reps Love Salesforce CRM?

why sales reps love salesforce

According to experts, the main reason for the failure of CRM projects is the insufficient adoption by the users. One of the in-built Salesforce CRM advantages is that the experience of the user is instinctive and provides features that make a sales rep’s life much simpler. These are the advantages that make Salesforce CRM, a sales effectiveness tool for your representatives. Usually, people resist change, so you will find this helpful to communicate early and often with your users to convey what is in it for them. Also, make sure that you listen to them and by incorporating their feedback; you can get an effective head start on the adoption.

Here Is What The Sales Representatives Get With Salesforce CRM

Better Visibility Into The Customer Information

Reps can view all their events, tasks, opportunities, contacts and accounts in a single place. This means a 360-degree view of the customer and the convenience being organized always. This also means no more sticky notes, excel spreadsheets or paper folders – everything will be in Salesforce CRM. Get salesforce training to get in-depth understanding of the Salesforce concepts.

Easy Account Planning

Reps can perform the account planning on their own. As reps can view the history of their customers, they can develop an action plan and an account strategy, complete with the to-do tasks. Representatives can also generate reminders of the follow-up activities on particular dates. They can also view the amount of time dedicated to each account and the consequence of their efforts.

Better Time Management

Reps can better handle their activities and prioritize their days. They can also view their upcoming tasks and calendars on their home pages. By checking the Opportunities view in Salesforce CRM, they can prioritize and focus on their current opportunities.


Representatives can run their own reports, incorporating the following:

  • Accounts they have not visited in a while
  • Opportunities in the pipeline, including lost opportunities and won opportunities.
  • Products they have sold
  • Tasks and activities they have completed


Reps can create the dashboards of their own to view at a glance how they are doing. With these dashboards, they can view the information that is critical to them, in many graph formats.

Trending Analyses

With the trending analysis, it is possible for the reps to view monthly trends with opportunities in the pipeline, view the kinds of activities the rep does most, view the number of closed deals vs quota and calculate the win/loss ratio on opportunities.

Opportunity Forecasts

As all the opportunities are updated in the Salesforce CRM, reps can view what the sales forecast for the previous periods, where they can sell more and where the sales are coming in. They no longer have to mail their forecasts to their managers and update their excel spreadsheets. Their managers will be very happy as well – they can edit the forecasts without the need of extra spreadsheets.

Regular utilization of Salesforce CRM is vital to driving full adoption. Today, Salesforce CRM is being used in almost all the top organizations worldwide and its utilization is rapidly increasing day-by-day. Many IT professionals and job seekers around the world are opting Salesforce CRM as their careers by taking Salesforce training and gaining expertise in this field due to the salary and job trends of this area and the also the new innovations that are coming up.

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