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Day by day we are depending more and more on technology, be it in our professional lives, in our academic lives, or even in our personal lives – we spent the majority of our time using our computers or phones. At work we use software to help us run our businesses, at home we use technology to help us maintain our households, and on a personal level we use phones and apps to help us manage life. To put it simply, the whole world runs smoothly thanks to technology, in all its fields, and its advancements; so imagine if one day the system at work crashed or is out of date and no longer caters to your needs or there was a bug in the Metro app that you use and times are incorrect or the maps app suddenly crashed and isn’t restarting, so on and so forth.

This is why, recruiting top notch software developers / programmers is becoming a hassle, finding the right hardworking specialist that will be innovative and efficient. It doesn’t always work out and more times than not, recruiters and employers higher the wrong people for the job. This is crucial to continue running everything smoothly and to finding new and forward-thinking ways to go about our way of living.

Test for Geeks is helping make the recruiting process easier.

It is a super cool website that helps you, as am employer, test all your potential job applicants to see which of them will be the best fit for your workforce. It also as an option for programmers to test themselves and get a report to help demonstrate their knowledge and skills during a job search

The process is very simple, as an employer you select the exam you want the job applicants to take, there are categories like .NET, Java, and C++ for example and then there are specified tests such as ASP.NET MVC & C#, C# & JavaScript, and Java & MySQL to name a few.


After deciding what type of test you will use, you will them be prompted to select whether the test will be taken by a single candidate for several.

A testing link will appear which your potential employees will use to take the test. There is also a great option which lets you set up a custom domain for your company, which will make it look more professional and easier to distinguish. Once all your applicants have finished the test, a report is prepared and sent to you.


This will not only save time and effort but will also ensure that all your employees are competent and are right or the job. It really important to assess the level of each employee to see what they can handle and give them projects that they will excel in rather than assuming what they are capable of, to some a certain project might be too easy and it will not challenge them and to other they might be under-qualified and it will put them down.

Moreover, Test for Geeks is based not only on Quality but Quantity. How is that, you may ask? Well, they have created high quality tests! The TFG developers have meticulously curated hundreds of questions. With regard to Quantity, they mention on their website that with experience and according to what their studies show, they have concluded that the ideal number of questions within a single test is 20-30 questions, and the test is graded out of a hundred. This is the optimum number of questions needed for assessing a developer’s knowledge of a programming language.

In regards to pricing, TFG offers very attractive packages you can choose from. There’s a free package that gives you access to 2 tests, as well as 3 paid packages for the real deal. You can pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal.


Job Hunting is very stressful, and sometimes we might feel like we don’t know where to start or where to look, ergo; whether you’re a recruiter or a programmer, Test for Geeks is a great way to begin your job search. It’s effective and time efficient, for both employer and employee.

Happy Job Hunting!

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