The Easy Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate & Sales

boost your conversion rate and sales

Every marketer and business owner loves an upward curve on the graph. Increasing sales and soaring conversions. That’s what we like to see. But, what if those conversions have plateaued? Worse still, what if they’re falling? First of all, don’t panic. Every business goes through peaks and troughs when it comes to conversions. You have good months, and sometimes you have bad months. Today, we’re going to make sure you have a good month! And a good month after that! How? By boosting your conversion rates.

Improve Your Checkout Process

You might not know this, but a staggering 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That means your customer has added an item to their basket, and left before buying. This is a huge number of customers who got right up to the finishing line, and then left! It’s all about speeding up this process, and removing any distractions. One tool that works wonders is a postcode address finder API. It automatically finds a customer’s address from their postcode information. It speeds up the process, and increases the chance of a conversion.

Take Away The Risk

Often, you’ll follow all the steps to convince a customer, but they still won’t quite convert. The thing that’s holding them back is a niggling feeling of risk. What if the product isn’t worth it? What if the consulting course doesn’t work for me? What if I don’t like it? It’s your job to reduce these fears by eliminating the risk. A simple one-liner always does a trick. Perhaps you can offer a trial month for free. Maybe you can offer a money-back guarantee. It’s a little tweak that will take your site to the next level! Take away the risk, and you’ll convert everyone that’s sat on the fence.

Social Proof

One of the biggest problems faced by a small business is that no-one’s heard of you! We happily buy from Amazon and Apple because they’re respected names in retail. How do you convince a new customer that you a trustworthy and reliable? Simple, with testimonials and social proof. Post a testimonial from a happy client or customer. Use a statistic to show how many people are using your product or service. We like to know that others have tested the company out, and approve!

Set Up Smaller Conversions First

Here’s another great statistic for you. 96% of everyone who comes to your website isn’t ready to buy from you immediately. That means you’ve got your work cut out to convince them. Asking most people to buy your most expensive product immediately is like proposing on the first date. Probably not going to happen! So, set up smaller conversions along the way, with less resistance. Try putting an email signup form, for example. We might not be ready to buy, but we’ll probably leave an email address if we like the look of the site. This is called a sales funnel, and it’s very effective.

Last of all, don’t forget to test everything! Analyse what images and copy lead to more conversions, and use them more often. Have you got any extra tips for boosting conversion rates? We’d love to hear from you.

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