Top Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Make Money

So, you’ve spent a few weeks building a website in the hope of making a killing. The only issue is that things haven’t gone according to plan. In fact, you’re yet to make a single penny from your domain, and you’re starting to feel a little gutted. Don’t stress too much because you’ve probably made some simple mistakes you can rectify at any time. You just need to read this post carefully and apply the information to your site. It doesn’t matter what you plan to do with your creation; the same rules should apply. So long as you haven’t published anything offensive or adult in nature, you’ve probably made one of these mistakes.

Poor Use Of Advertising Platforms

Firstly, you might not make any cash from your site if you don’t use Adsense codes. Google is currently the most popular provider of promotional services online. Their Adsense platform allows website owners to make money by showcasing other brands. You just need to sign up for an account and then add the necessary codes to your site. You get a user dashboard that allows you to determine the type of ads you display. So, people running health food blogs won’t have to worry about promoting Burger King, etc.

Lack Of Organic Traffic

Building a stunning and functional website is all well and good. However, you won’t benefit financially without a lot of natural traffic. That means you need to work hard to ensure your site is SEO friendly at the least. If you have to ask the question, what is conversion optimisation? You should probably head back to the drawing board. SEO helps to ensure your site displays within the correct listings on Google and other search engines. Conversion optimisation contributes to increasing the number of website visitors who spend money. You need to work on both of those concepts to succeed.

No Social Media Links

All website owners should open social media accounts to promote their domain. Failure to do that would mean you miss out on a lot of traffic. Most people use their smartphones to browse Facebook multiple times every day. You just have to publish updates and links that are going to catch their attention. Also, linking your site to established social network pages should help to improve your standing with Google. They will know more about your website’s legitimacy if you provide those links. With a bit of luck, you can build a strong following on social media, and that will help to boost traffic levels.

Now you know some of the top reasons your website doesn’t make money, it should be easy to turn things around. At the end of the day, anyone can make a living from the online world if they work hard. Just because you’ve hit a couple of stumbling blocks doesn’t mean you should give up hope. Continue your research, and keep moving forward until you win. Remember, the 99% of people who gave up earn less money than the 1% who kept trying. Focus on your goal, and don’t stop until you get there.

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