Top Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Your Mobile Phone Contract

If your mobile phone has become one of your biggest monthly expenses, it may be time to make some changes. The trouble is that the mobile phone operators keep changing their offers. And all the new handsets that come out are so good! So how can you reduce the cost of your phone contract without missing out on the things that you love about having a great phone?

For many people, it is the apps that make their phone so essential in their lives. There will always be newer and better apps to enjoy. And of course, the apps you’ve loved for years will be updated. But the trouble is, the phones are not being updated enough to take the new apps. For anyone using Apple products, they know of the annoyances of apps suddenly becoming unusable on older phone handsets.

Apple isn’t the only manufacturer pushing out new versions of great products. As technology improves, the programming languages or operating systems can change. This is often just enough to render older phones obsolete when it comes to the latest apps. There are, of course, ways around this. You can choose not to update your favorite apps on older devices. Providing they’re not buggy and work fine now, this should continue to be the case. Be wary of apps that refuse to run without you updating them, though. In some cases, you may only be able to use them offline. Adding new content may be impossible.

Of course, these restrictions are only handy if you don’t want to update or change your mobile device. Is there value in this? Yes. You can select Pay As You Go tariffs on any network you like, especially if you’ve got an unlocked phone. You can find out more about this on the iPhone unlock websites available online. It means you can use any network, on any tariff, including a standard contract. Just replace the SIM and off you go. It provides you with the freedom to shop around for the tariff that suits you.

For some, the appeal of a brand new handset bundled in with a contract deal is too good to miss. However, the cost of the handset is obviously added to your monthly tariff. Could you do better by keeping your current phone and going for a SIM only deal? Possibly. It is so important to shop around. And if you check out the deals in the last couple of days of the calendar month, you may be able to get something a little better.

There are often deals to be made. If you turn up at the mobile phone store, you can often haggle a little on the deal. They may have free tech gifts or accessories to throw into the bundle. Or they may be able to take a little off the upfront fee. Be wary of deals that demand you sign up to various payment plans, insurances or protection. Some of them are worth having when you have a pricey handset. But most of us have some sort of similar cover in other policies we have already. If it increases the monthly cost of your contract, it is something you should seriously consider before doing.

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