Unlock Your Car’s Full Potential With The Supreme Performance Chip 4.0

Improving a car’s performance is an urge that many car enthusiasts get after owning a car for a long period of time. The list of modifications that you can do to your car are endless and thanks to the internet, performance parts can be delivered to your door the very next day.

Factors such as engine size, turbo, diesel or gasoline and more determine your potential performance gains. Some car owners may even opt to improve their fuel economy as opposed to increase the power output.

Before carrying out any type of performance upgrades, it’s always a smart idea to ensure that your car has been serviced properly.

Performance Upgrade Options

When it comes to performance upgrades, the possibilities are endless.

Cold Air Intake: The easiest of performance upgrades is installing a cold intake. Every engine will work better while sucking in colder air rather than warm or reused air. A cold air intake will be twice or three times larger than the standard OEM parts. You can also increase the cold air intake by blanking off the EGR valve, which reuses hot air from the exhaust and pumps it back into the engine.

Exhaust System: Something a lot of people also think of is exhaust system modifications. A performance exhaust system will not only give you a nicer exhaust sound when accelerating but it gives an improvement in power as well. As cars get older, the exhaust cats usually get clogged up and performance slowly decreases. A performance exhaust will usually be wider in diameter, allowing more air to escape, which increases power output. The best way to think of this upgrade is by blowing into a straw. The wider the straw, the more air you can blow down the straw.

Performance Chips: Performance chips, sometimes called super-chips, are aftermarket chips that adjust a car’s timing, its fuel-to-air ratio, turbo boost and other things, often increasing engine power and torque. Some performance chip makers claim their chips will increase gasoline engine power by up to 35 horsepower and beyond, and even more in a turbocharged or diesel engine. These engines are often heavily constrained by the amount of boost the turbos are permitted to produce, or how much fuel gets injected.

Supreme Performance Chip 4.0

Developed by Great Lakes Auto Corp in the US, the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 is the newest, strongest and most powerful performance chip ever.

The Supreme chip is like no other chip on the market with performance increases which are unheard of.

According to the company’s eBay shop, absolutely no tools or laptop is required for installation, simply plug their performance chip into your OBD port & drive. They do all the coding and programming for you, so you can enjoy your performance chip right out of the box.

The Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee policy or 100% money back no questions asked. With a guarantee like that, you have nothing to worry about.

Great Lakes Auto Corp is the innovation leader in solutions for automobile performance optimization, engine sustainability and vehicle tuning. By performing hundreds of rigorous tests on each of their products, Great Lakes helps everyday auto owners safely and efficiently optimize their vehicle’s in a way never before seen. For more information please visit the company’s website at GreatLakesAutoCorp.com.

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