Smart Calendar Thync Review

smart calendar thync review

Our schedules, requirements, work demands, and everyday lives are growing increasingly complex by the day. We end up with a calendar in our phones, on our work desk, hanging above our kitchen stove, in our bedrooms, and maybe even in our car digital systems. There needs to be a way to cross-sync these calendars into one master calendar so we’re never late for a date, appointment, or engagement again. We’re going to look at the Smart Calendar Thync, a comprehensive family planner calendar created by Vitec GmbH that manages all appointments in real-time for large and small families.

An Overview


Smart Calendar Thync launched as a smart calendar that covers multiple functions in one digitally receptive tool, easily accessible by anyone, anywhere. The calendar does a great job of making the synchronization and display easy to read, especially for families and people on the go, running out the door. With a large, spacious boxed view and clear color coordination that stands out against the dark background, eyes are quickly trained to see what they need to see, even at a distance.

Worldwide Compatibility

One of the best features of this calendar is that no matter where you are in the world, if you input an engagement, it shows up on that calendar in real-time for your spouse, kids, sisters and brothers, and parents back home. It definitely saves time sending texts, emails, and making calls to communicate information that can typically be lost in translation.

Customization Tools

This calendar can also be altered to meet your unique desires and preferences. What makes customizing this calendar so easy, is that you don’t need to use a boring old remote control. You can conveniently manage all of your preferences right from your smartphone through an innovative and custom developed app, giving you endless possibilities. If there’s a change you can dream up, then the Smart Calendar Thync can handle it.

Energy-Saving Hardware

Nothing is more inconvenient than needing to charge up technological tools that we rely on. That’s probably why this calendar was made with an innovative sensor and battery technology, plus energy-saving hardware, that enables long charge-free use of the calendar, anywhere in the house. You are not bound by power outlets, which also makes it travel compatible.

Additional Features

Besides the universal synchronization between Google, Outlook, and Exchange, the photo customization option for display, and the universal accessibility, key features included in this family planner include:

  • Photo uploads with greetings or messages for family members to see.
  • Gesture controls.
  • Wireless capability.
  • One-time purchase – no reoccurring costs.
  • Updated features made available in real-time to all calendar owners.
  • Environmentally friendly charging.
  • LED lighting settings.
  • Wall and ground mounting ability.

If you are someone not considered technologically savvy, this product has been made for universal access with a simple interface, easy customization tools, and real-time updates right before your very eyes.

Smart Calendar Thync have also hosted a Kickstarter campaign, that launched on April 7, 2019. For those that are first to back the campaign, they will receive a savings of up to 30% on the digital calendar product. Kickstarter information can also be shared on Facebook with friends and family. For more information regarding the Smart Calendar Thync, please visit the official website.

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