Watch What Happens When A Homeless Man Offers Money To People Walking By [VIDEO]

Flipping the script on normality is a key ingredient for a social experiment. When it comes to the homeless everyone has their personal thoughts when approached, they either put their head down and speed up to avoid confrontation or they stop and donate without really knowing their backstory. This guy changes the scene while posing as a homeless man. Instead of asking for a donation he offers to give money to people that pass by and some of their reactions will surprise you.

Each person that walks by has a stereotypical reaction, from the guy that is pissed to think a homeless person could ever help him out to the woman that thinks he is just trying to be funny. The only hopeful pair is the two that, instead of receiving the peddler’s money, raise him all the cash in their pockets after listening to his message. Talk about being humble and paying it forward.

How about that pretentious Benz owner that points at his ride and tells the perceived homeless man to earn his way up. Not sure how his advice even makes sense… So a homeless guy is offering to pay for your meter and instead of graciously accepting or talking to the stranger you point at your car and tell him he has to earn it? You can answer that one for me… The homeless man was being gratuitous and he responds with conceit. Interesting.

The Youtube star reacts a little too much but it is understandable because if he wanted to sink himself to the materialist pricks level than he might out weigh him financially. But he kept to his guns and preached the message of the video saying, “You need to humble yourself bro. Life isn’t about money bro.” Can’t disagree with that.

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