WVIL: Wireless, Viewfinder, Interchangeable, Lens

Combining the connectivity and application platform capabilities of smart phones and the quality of SLR cameras, Artefact have created a concept camera, WVIL. This camera embodies every photographers dream: separating the point of view from the point of control. Being the camera man no longer means being behind the lens. The photographer is able to remove the lens from the body and capture shots using the body only. This type of flexibility opens up endless possibilities for the photographer to explore. To top this, the camera can function as a phone in terms of app usage. Therefore he/she can instantly share the photos on apps like Instagram or Facebook, instead of having to transfer the photos from the camera to the laptop or phone.

About Rim.M: Interior Design student. Aspiring writer. Former MUN delegate. Sarcastic mind & whimsical soul. Literature & Photography lover. Consumed by Wanderlust.