Yahoo Launches The Latest Version Of Its Live Text Video Messenger

The latest instant messenger offering has been tentatively launched into the market. Yahoo’s live text & video messenger for IOS has been released into this already rather saturated market.

What are the unique points that Yahoo have to offer over its competition. There are many popular messenger services out there that are aleady well established. You have the likes of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Facetime and Skype to name a few. These Apps have revolutionised the way we communicate. Each one of them has tried to improve the way we communicate with each other.

The app is currently only available through the Hong Kong app store and promises to make you ‘feel like your friends are right there with you’. The idea being that users can see the reactions to messages in real time and this will mean you can see your friends reactions to messages you have literally just sent. This is not a video call as you might think in fact Livetext does not support video calling which may seem a little unusual at first.

This yahoo offering is focused primary on one to one conversations not group chat. It seems to us that yahoo has done this soft launch in Hong Kong to gage the response to this new application. The primary goal is to over come the limited amount of expression we can show through texting alone. Yahoo claims Livetext is not an alternative to a smart phone’s built-in mobile apps rather it is “an entirely new way to stay in touch”. This quite a bold statement and it will be interesting to see how we integrate this way off communicating into our every day lives

It will be down to time to decide whether or not this half way step into communicating with each other will catch on. Or whether we will opt for the distinction between text only conversation of video calling conversations. This method of communication could take off as yahoo tries to connect what we type to our friend and their reaction in that very moment. We like this idea and are looking forward to the free app being rolled out to a wider audience.

Guest Post via Techigyaan

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