Yo Is Moving To Your Wrist

Yo is building an Apple Watch app to make notifications easy.

Once the poster child for “dumb apps,” Yo will be able to deliver a snippet of content along with the Yo, extending beyond the service’s typical notifications, which are usually restricted to the two-letter alert.

The app is intended as a way for other developers to bring their app’s notifications to the Apple Watch without building a separate watch app, Yo founder Or Arbel explained when he announced the app during a panel at SXSW Interactive.


“Yo is building a program for anyone who is not on the watch, to be on the watch,” Arbel said. “What Yo does is the ability to give you push notifications when something you care about happens right now.”

The Yo Apple Watch notification will be able to show a short message (like a headline), a thumbnail photo and the Yo account that sent the message. If a user wants to see more, he can tap the notification, which will open Yo on the iPhone. From there, the user can tap on a link to view the content.

Yo’s Apple Watch app will, of course, be able to send everyday Yos as well, and users will be able to send Yos to others right from their wrists.

“You can still use Yo just like you do on the phone,” Arbel explained.

Yo’s Apple Watch app will be available at the launch of the device, set for April 24.

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