5 Ways To Test A New Tech Product

Even the best product ideas are likely to fail without a complete testing stage. It’s a vital process for a few reasons. First of all, you have to find out if there is a genuine demand for your new piece of tech. While you might think it’s an excellent new device, the general public may not share your enthusiasm. The testing phase is also vital to ensure everything is working as it should before you throw all your money at large-scale production.

Of course, part of the problem is that as a startup, you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a large-scale prototype test. But there are some solutions. Here are a few ways of testing out your new product idea before you invest a lot of time and money on a terrible mistake.

Family Of Friends

Try to avoid using your family for testing a product, There honesty may be a little clouded, and you might not get a straight answer from them. The family of your friends, however, will be a lot less biased. They will tell you straight about what they like and dislike, and will give it to you straight.

Run A Focus Group

It’s also important to find out what your target market thinks about your product. Try and find some people in your local area who are interested in the technology you are creating. Run a focus group, and see what they are saying. Now, the idea here is to provoke some strong reaction. It’s better to have a split room of people who either love or hate it, rather than six people that think it’s OK. If you get a ‘meh’ reaction, your product still needs a lot of work.

Trade Shows

Of course, in many cases, you will find your perfect market at a trade show event. These aren’t cheap to attend, but they are great places to find people who will be interested in your tech. Invest a little in standing out – try Infinity Exhibits to get some ideas of what’s possible. Make sure your team is working the room properly, too – especially if you are stuck in the corner. Take names and details of everyone who has a play with your product. You might even find some early adopters and brand champions if you are lucky.

Use Social Media

Social media can provide you with plenty of comments and thoughts about your products. Instagram and Pinterest are great places for showing off the design and build of a product, for example. You can use Facebook for more in-depth looks at the new tech – maybe even post some videos. People love getting involved with new technology, and will happily give you their thoughts for free. And, of course, there is always the chance they will share your product news with their friends, which gives you a stronger foothold.

Use Marketing Research

There are plenty of market research companies out there that can help you ask questions about your product. And, they will find you the perfect kind of person for the right market. Surveys and questions can be an easy way to learn the general thoughts on your new piece of tech. It can be expensive, though – so make sure you research the quality of the marketing firm before signing up.

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