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Writing is general is a part of every profession. Students and professionals have jobs relating writing in every field and people don’t have enough time to go make out the structure of each sentence and to keep a track of the sentence count and paragraph count.

It’s important to get an overview of the text and to make sense out of it. Online words counter is one such service that offers its users with facilities that let them keep a track of words, sentences, paragraphs and numbers. Along with that, it also lets you check your typing speed and stop words for exclusion. is an excellent service provided to all the writers around the world! It offers some amazing features that help in getting the task done in no time! Following are some of the awesome features provided by this service:

Text Statistics:

Offers clarity in text format and page coverage with its presentable overview of the text. It is easier for you to also make out the paragraphs and line difference when there is such clarity in the format.

Stop Words:

Statistics are made clear by excluding stop words.

Text Source:

You don’t have to worry about text format as it lets you upload text in pdf, doc and many other formats are supported.

Save Format:

Likewise, a variety of save formats are also available for your convenience and once you are done with your work you can simply save it in one of the formats offered.

These are the key features offered and help XML and JSON viewers a lot. Following are of the other positive points of the startup service:

  • To make the text more comprehensive, you can use stop words for exclusion and ensure control of word statistics easily!
  • There’s no language limitation to the service. All you have to do is copy the text and paste I onto the space provided and your job will be taken care of from there.
  • As an alternate to copy and pasting, you are also provided with an option of upload documents in different formats. The supported formats are portable document format (pdf), electronic publication (epub), excel sheet or HTML code file.
  • Once you define a format, the content can be saved as a document in that format.
  • Word count is very important in the world of writers as that lets one keep a track of character frequency and content uniqueness altogether. You can also check your typing speed and keep a track of how much time is taken to produce a particular word count.

Now that you know enough about this startup, make your life easier and enter into the world of a writer with the guarantee of unique content. Worry no more and start using this online words counter keeping your content useful and meaningful. Make the best use of the platform and you will not regret it ever.

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