GoToWebinar Vs GetResponse Webinar Tool Review: Turn Your Subscribers Into Repeat Customers

Webinars are one of the most frightful events in an amazingly organised way. It can either gain you the complete attention of the crowd or corner you with mixed feelings of boredom and failure leaving no impact on the visitors. GetResponse Webinar tool is the perfect pick for all newbies and experienced to guide them to crack a successful webinar and ensure a successful business growth and expansion. The features and functioning of this tool defines success and brilliance leaving behind its contemporary GoToWebinar tool. The GetResponse tool assures you a confident, convincing, meticulously planned and organised presentation in the most realistic way.

Webinars are not just about presentations and preparations but it deals with a lot more key points like email marketing and campaigning, business growth, response to customers and analysis. Some of the striking features of GetResponse webinar tool that ensures you a quality webinar have been briefed below. It helps you to pick the best between GoToWebinar and GetResponse.

GoToWebinar Vs GetResponse: Featurewise Comparison

The GoToWebinar tool comes with general options which make it cost-effective to prepare presentations and attract audiences. The tool is equipped with audio support and webcam facility to encourage audience participation. However, GetResponse leaves no stone upturned in offering a plethora of options to make your webinar a huge success.

GetResponse comes with suite of online campaign management and email marketing with in-built speakers and video connectivity to make the presentation more gripping. The numerous offers included in the suite makes it more cost-effective and all in one package. The GetResponse webinar tool is specially designed to maximize the sales and growth and enhance the ROI leading to success in online marketing.


GoToWebinar offers you couple of a features that could be proved fruitful for experienced. However, newbies can still be daunted about the success and smooth flow while GetResponse comes with more than 50 plus features which are easy and simple but drives you into success and a smooth flow of the webinar.


GetResponse Enhances Email Marketing

GoToWebinar is comparatively a smaller tool that offers the powerful audio and video connectivity to encourage audience for your webinar but it has certain vanities which makes GetResponse a better pick. Email Marketing is well carried out by GetResponse webinar tool to keep your customer pleased. You can automate the email marketing which pays off as an auto-responder with its time and trigger functionality. From birthday wishes to promotional mails, everything will be auto-triggered at the apt time.

Real Time Analytics

The Webinar Tool of GetResponse is not just confined to email marketing and email campaigning alone but it has dilated its portfolio with its feature of real time analytics which GoToWebinar tool cannot boast of.

The GetResponse webinar tool offers the analytics with which you can easily figure out the rate of your emails or responders and can also get to know about the number of people who visited your link. Also, The GetResponse webinar tool helps you to analyze and track the progress of your campaign with its statistics.

Interaction With Customer To Give Your Webinar A Winning Edge

Customer feedback is an integral part of any business growth which is basically a reflection our service and spontaneous response to them. GoToWebinar have the provision to reach out to their customer but it fails to cover all the channels at the right time. GetResponse opens up this platform to help you interact with customers in different channels. This ensures your smooth networking with its wide range of options from video email marketing to RSS-to-email. GetResponse helps you to reach out to your customer always and at any time

Enterprise Solutions

GoToWebinar is a a fine tool for all newbies to begin with but if you look for an advanced tool to assure your business growth it is time to rethink about GoToWebinar. Newbies can also get the right start and know-how of a webinar and successful business with the enterprise solution feature of GetResponse.

GetResponse is the perfect option for all advanced email marketers having multiple campaigns and a huge database. It is pretty significant to edify your performance that helps to increase your ROI. The GetResponse enterprise solution feature provides a brief and comprehensive training to hone your efforts to a higher level with its account management and huge database capabilities.


This is yet another exclusive feature of GetResponse webinar tool which keeps GoToWebinar tool at bay. Integration ensures a smooth functioning of online services by connecting with CRM softwares and ecommerce platforms. GetResponse offers a more than 100 API integrations to help you develop a custom application. It integrates the daily services to webinar which makes online marketing an easier task.

Carry Your Email Marketing

An unlimited access to email marketing is yet another striking feature of GetResponse webinar tool. The GoToWebinar tool also comes with interactive tools with features like screen sharing, high-definition video and many more but it falls short when we compare with the brilliance of GetResponse webinar tool.

GetResponse webinar tools comprises of appals for Kindle, iOS and Android to help you manage your email marketing needs, contacts and track the campaigns to enhance performance and add new subscribers. It makes everything possible with just a few clicks and buttons.

The Final Word!

GetResponse holds a stack of attractive features packed in a single webinar tool making it simpler and easy to work with for all newbies and advanced. GoToWebinar offers different interactive tools for a smooth webinar and online marketing, but the premium features and highlights of GetResponse stands out. Its email marketing and campaigning facility, enterprise solutions, real time analysis and statistics make it stand out from rest of webinar tools in the market.

GetResponse indeed contributes to a staunch business growth with its expert advice on emails, newsletters and autoresponder campaigns. A quality and premium customer service with more than 50 features is possible only GetResponse webinar tool. So grab the opportunity now and work towards creating a saga of panache in your business only with GetResponse Webinar tool.

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