A Brief Look At Brainiation’s New Sight And Say App For Children

Sight and Say is a new educational Windows app designed and published by Brainiation Inc. The application or tool is a very simple one that is used to help children to learn and practice new words using flash cards that ‘talk’. Children will be able to repeat a list of words while still getting clear audible confirmation and have their progress checked through voice recognition. Children can be given a new list of words by their teachers or parents and their progress can be tracked very easily.


The app has been designed for use with the new Windows 10 operating software and has been loaded with many helpful features that encourage children to interact with the talking flash cards as they learn new words. Parents and teachers choose the lists of words and have the option of customizing them so as to enhance the experience.


The app consists of the following tools that make the learning process for a child easier and fun:

  • Flash cards which are able to speak. Parents and teachers can record their voices for this or use various recordings from professional vocal artists.
  • Support for multiple languages like: Spanish, Hebrew, French and many others.
  • Speech recognition software that encourages proper pronunciation and makes it for the child/children to practice engaging.
  • Various customization options for parents or teachers to suit the child’s needs.
  • User interfaces for both parents and children which each have their own individual benefits.
  • The app has been made to be easily accessible by supporting various options like high contrast mode, keyboard interface, narrator, etc.
  • Can synchronize across other Windows 10 compatible devices like mobile phones and tablets.

How It Works

Parents or teachers begin by setting up the lists of words that they feel their children should practice and learn, so as to make it convenient and easy for them to practice words together. Children can also practice on their own in a mode referred to as ‘Child View’ where words are only displayed. Parents or teachers are then able to monitor the children’s progress with smart metrics. The app displays the flash card words to the children while also including a professional voice-over on an audio option, so that children get to hear the word clearly. Children who practice saying the words can record their own voices as well so as to help build vocabulary and understanding within the concept of a fun visual experience that feels like playing.


Why Choose Sight And Say?

The app has taken the whole concept of writing down flash cards and revolutionized it into an easy and fun learning process for both parents and children. Using the app for your children will not only help them learn more efficiently, but will also make the teaching process much easier and readily available for the adults supervising.


Price & Availability

Brainiation has currently made sight and say free and available to download for the first 1000 users, after which new users can get a 7 day trial period then if they are satisfied, purchase the app at only $4.99.

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