Adcash: The Perfect Self-Managed Advertising Platform

adcash advertising review

There are millions of business owners, managers and marketers who are unable to tap the full potential of online advertising. Online advertising seems to be complex to most people and they think that finding a reliable marketing agency is the only solution. The fact is that there is a self-managed ad platform known as Adcash that lets you create, launch and manage your ad campaigns without concern whether you have previous experience in it or not. It’s so easy to use, anyone with basic IT skills can start running powerful ad campaigns in just minutes.

3 Reasons Adcash Matters More

As an advertiser, your goal is to reach maximum targeted audience while keeping the cost of advertising within your budget. Adcash provides you an easy-to-use, self-managed ad platform that has a vast ad network yet is easy to reach with your ads. This review provides you the most important reasons why this platform makes advertising easier for everyone – from small businesses to the largest enterprises. To add trust to Adcash’s brand name, it is worth knowing that Alibaba is one of its partners.

  1. Responsive Designed Ads: Everyone, from teens to the elderly, are now spending more of their time on the web. And they are using all types of devices to do so. Adcash puts your ads in front of their eyes no matter what device they are using – desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphones. It’s not just a web-experience, you can also reach with your ads in apps.
  2. Real Targeted Advertising: Adcash doesn’t just promote “targeted” advertising as a promotional term. It has developed its own Adcash AdApt engine comprising of a series of algorithms developed over a period of almost a decade taking into account unprecedented volume of data. So you can target your audience based on so many factors – where they are located (geo-targeting), keywords, IP addresses, and interests. Retargeting has higher conversion rates, and Adcash lets you reach your audience at the right time to turn high-converting traffic.
  3. Advertise within your Budget: Every size and type of business has its own budget for advertising. Adcash lets you start advertising on its network with a plan starting from just $100.

Adcash AdApt Powered Targeted Advertising

Adcash enables time-tested and trusted targeting advertising based on its own engine called the Adcash AdApt. As already mentioned, it is developed on data and findings of almost 10 years. If you want to achieve high ROI with your advertising, it is extremely important to reach your targeted audience. And Adcash makes it possible with its proven series of algorithms.

Each ad campaign is designed for a specific target audience, and Adcash provides you the tools, platform and algorithms to reach that audience. It has eliminated guesswork from advertising and added certainty to online advertising by making scientific use of a decade of data.

You can target your audience by so many parameters.

1. Geo-Targeting

Do you want your ads to display in a specific country? You may have your target audience in different countries. Adcash provides you the tools to target even target audience in a specific city, town or a particular area in a town. It lets you hyper-target the location you want to reach. This redefines the way everyone used to advertise.

2. Target Device Or Even OS And Browser

Do you want to reach with your ads to Samsung users only? Adcash makes it possible. Do you want to reach only Lenovo users? This self-managed ad platform lets you do even that. It is not just device-targeting, you can also target Android or iOS specifically. Adcash takes device-targeting even further by allowing browser-targeting. Let your ads be displayed only to Chrome users or Safari users.

3. Interest-Based Targeting

When you target people who are not interested in your offering, you are wasting your advertising dollar. Adcash can filter users even on the basis of their interest. You can specifically target users who are interested in your category of products and drive better returns.

4. Target Keywords

You know what content your target audience is looking for on the web. Select the most relevant keywords they are going to use to end up on your products’ pages. Provide these keywords to Adcash and it will take your ad campaign to the websites that deliver the most relevant content to your targeted audience.

Advanced Performance Tracking

Adcash does much more than ensuring that your ads make it on the screen of your targeted audience. The world of advertising is only as good as the reports say. And Adcash provides you advanced performance tracking tools so that you will always be a click away from knowing how your campaign is doing.

  • Track each event from within Adcash. There is no need for third-party analytics programs.
  • Select how you want to measure the campaign performance.
  • Keep track of your targeted audience at each phase in the marketing funnel. Track them when they enter, exit or convert. Find out in real-time how your audience is interacting with your ads.

Adcash provides as detailed reports as much in-depth targeting it allows you to do.

If you thought advertising is best left to the experts, Adcash proves you wrong. It’s for everyone. Whether you  are a business owner with no previous online advertising experience, a beginner marketer or a well-established marketer with more than a decade of experience, this self-managed ad platform makes advertising easy and more profitable.

You can manage your own campaigns while reaching any one, a few or all of the 249 nations covered by this network. Adcash generates a stunning 200+ million unique users a day. It has an impeccable customer support track record supported by direct customer support service, a comprehensive and easy-to-use knowledgebase for easier self-management, and FAQs section. The support team can be reached via email or webform and responds within 24 hours. With plans starting from just $100, Adcash is the perfect self-managed advertising platform for everyone.

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