Is Your Advertising Campaign Right For You? Questions You Must Ask Yourself

is your advertising campaign right for you

Marketing campaigns are notoriously tricky beasts to master. The problem is that getting them wrong can be disastrous for your company. For some business owners, it’s all about getting more sales. They take a boneheaded approach to the whole thing. But you need to be more careful.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re creating a marketing campaign.

Does The Campaign Conform To Your Brand?

Your brand signifies the personality of your company. Whether you’re known as formal and serious, or laid-back and funny, or a strange mix of both, your campaign should reflect this. If your campaign doesn’t fit your brand, then it’s going to look out of place. It’s going to invite cynicism about your company and the adverts themselves. It will feel like you didn’t really put any heart or personality into it.

Of course, if the purpose of the campaign is to re-brand yourself, then this question changes meaning somewhat. You need to make sure that the campaign provides the right amount of distance from what your brand previously meant to people.

Can The Costs Be Justified?

So you spent $100,000 on your new campaign. Sales have definitely picked up. But it’s estimated that the resultant sales have only been worth $80,000. Your marketing campaign cost more money than it brought in.

How can we make sure a campaign is cost-effective? Probably the most popular way of judging things like this is by looking at the return on investment, or ROI. But this is notoriously difficult when it comes to marketing campaigns. It’s often hard to tell what actually caused the increase in sales. This is why you should be testing your campaigns first.  

Is The Campaign Hurting Your Public Image?

Sometimes, an advert can turn you off of a company completely. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the advert offends you from a moral standpoint. Maybe the advert is just really annoying, or is just patronizing. There are actually very common problems in everyday adverts. It leads people to resent the company commissioning them.

Your campaign needs to be effective. If it’s hurting your public image, then it’s ineffective. There are marketing campaigns out there that are simply boring, with no zest or life to them whatsoever. But even that can be better than adverts that actually work against you. Consider ensuring that you face neither problem by working with a good online PR company.

Can The Campaign Grow?

You’ve probably seen it many times before. A company starts a new marketing campaign. It feels fun, fresh, and attention-grabbing. Five years later, they’re still using a similar technique. They’re applying the characteristics of that campaign to new adverts which are helping to develop their brand. This is most commonly seen when a company strikes gold with comedy techniques or memorable characters. Just look at Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign. That’s been running in new variations nearly seven years!

A marketing campaign with flexibility and longevity is a golden opportunity. This is the sort of campaign you should be aspiring to work with. If your campaign can grow, then you’ve struck gold.

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