Landing A Job In The Science Sector

land a job in science

The science sector is a bit of a broad term for something with many different niches and industries within it. However, if this is where you’d like to land a job, there are lots of different approaches you can take. This guide will talk you through what you need to do to get the job you want in this industry:

Science And Pharmaceuticals

If this is the industry you want to land a job in, there are a few things you need to make sure you do. You’ll need a related degree, usually in science or maths. The role you want will make a difference to the qualifications you need to obtain. If you want to be a chemist, for instance, then a degree in chemistry only makes sense. You might even want to look at potential future employers and see what they look for, if you have a specific company in mind. You don’t always need to get a degree to be in the industry, but it will definitely give you a leg up if you can get one. There are programs and internships you can look at getting on. Here are some of the skills you’ll be expected to have:

  • Technical, research, and scientific skills.
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • Good with numbers.
  • Logical thinking skills.
  • A keen attention to detail.

You can find many graduate jobs and schemes on different websites, such as Hyperec, so it can help to look at these before you actually graduate. Depending on the specific sector you want in on, you may need to look at getting different qualifications and skills, so bear that in mind.

Knowing Your Interviewer

Once you’ve got an interview, knowing your interviewer is absolutely essential. This doesn’t mean inviting them out for a drink with you. Know the job you’re applying for, and know the people you will be working with. Do research on projects and research they have completed, as all scientists love to talk about this kind of thing. Have questions to ask! Showing you are knowledgeable and have a genuine interest will take you far in the interview process.

Get Good At Writing Things Down

Jobs in this industry require you to write a lot of research papers and other things down. You need to remember that these things aren’t always going to be read by people in the industry, so you must word them in a simple enough way. Get rid of unnecessary words and don’t blind people with science. These kind of reports will go down much better. You may be asked to show some at interview!

Make Presentations

Making presentations where possible and then putting them on your CV can help you to land a job. This can make you feel uncomfortable, but the more you do, the better you’ll get at it. Trying to make people laugh will spice things up and keep them listening to you.

Showing your enthusiasm and talking about things you love in the industry, and even people you admire, will take you far!

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