AppInstitute – All You Need To Know About The Unique App Builder

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Commenced in 2011, AppInstitute is the renowned application maker platform that specializes in providing cloud-based services to individuals and small businesses and focuses on revolutionizing the app market by rendering Software as a Service platform. The app maker focuses on aiding the SMEs and individuals with no prior knowledge to design and create their own applications using their SaaS platform. Owing to its flexibility and creative services, AppInstitute is touted as “Wordpress for Mobile Apps” that allows its clients to develop their unique application for just any businesses and industries, ranging from medical centers to restaurants and beyond. The prime objective of AppInstitute is to empower the individuals and SMEs with in-house app development and management, while keeping the process time-efficient and cost effective.

Whether you are looking to build Business App Platform yourself using their Premium Build Service or want to partner with them as a White Label Reseller, the goal of AppInstitute is to empower and aid their clients to reap maximum benefit and potential of mobile to create apps and add value to their specific business. Besides all these benefits, clients can access the drag-and-drop and user-friendly builder combined with full brand control and Customer Relationship Management functions. The clients also get full assistance and support from their customer support team.

The Amazing Features Of AppInstitute

AppInstitute is the hub for all customized and professionally designed application templates to cater the varied needs of businesses. The templates enable the businesses to create their apps for restaurants, medical centers, real estate agents, coffee shops and for other small businesses.

Users can have the opportunity to play smart with its 20 robust modules that can add more functionality and flexibility to their apps. The app builder allows adding in-app calendar, booking system and more to add convenience to the app for their customers. For eCommerce apps, you can add more eCommerce modules and even add online payment features. The other modules enable the users to offer loyalty programs, maps and other location based features and more.

Besides modules and app templates, the AppInstitute offers its users with marketing and analytics resources, push notifications and even CRM that allows you to know the behaviours of your customers while using your app and hence give you more insight.

How Does AppInstitute’s App Builder Work?

As already mentioned, AppInstitute offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to create full-featured and stunning mobile application for a fee. Users are not required to have coding knowledge to design the application. With their intuitive drag-and-drop app builder, you can build an app form start to finish in a breeze.

At the beginning of the project, two options are offered and both aim to automatically fill in some blanks for you. The first option enables you to have the platform which can extract necessary business information from your social networking accounts. You simply need to type the name of the page and change the business type according to your business and allow the builder to do the rest. The second option of the app builder is “Look” feature which evaluate the business website to choose the color scheme to amalgamate with the created app. The “Build” menu comprises all the steps which are necessary to create the app. You need to follow the menu and enjoy creating your business app with ease.

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