Here Are Some Great Apps For Your Computer

great apps for your computer

If you’re a true geek, you’re always going to be looking for the best new apps and new unique software that bring different uses to your computer. It’s only natural, after all a computer isn’t much use without the features of applications and the use of software. How do you find the best applications? Well, you can look around yourself, or you can let us do the hard work for you.

Below, we’re going to feature some amazing apps that you might, or might not already have for your computer. Hopefully you’ll see something new!


We’ll start off simple. Ever sent a screenshot to your mate, only for them to reply and ask what it’s all about? Skitch helps you avoid that issue by allowing you to take a screenshot of your computer screen and annotating it. It removes a lot of the confusion and allows you to tell your friends exactly what you mean. It’s got a lot of great uses as well, like helping others with your computer – or asking for help with your computer.


A lot of jobs focus on social media work – and Instagram is built from the ground up for mobile phone use. This can make it difficult to post from an Instagram account for work purposes from a personal phone. Flume allows you to use Instagram on the computer and the Pro version allows you to upload photos and videos from a desktop.

Chat applications

One of the greatest mobile phone advances was the development of Whatsapp and other chat apps. These can usually be accessed via a web browser on a computer to replicate the mobile experience. Kik is another great mobile chat app that you can use on a computer. It’s easy to run Kik on Mac or computer, so keep in the loop by bringing your fave chat app from the phone to the computer.


If you want to edit your photos – you want to edit them well, there is no middle ground at all. Polarr is one of the most powerful editing tools that you can access and has a lot of functionality that you’d expect from expensive editing applications. It’s easy to use and has basic and advanced features. There’s a lot to like here.


If you like your news and you like your news to look good – stop reading right now and start reading on Flipboard! Flipboard is a beautiful app that allows you to read in style – but it’s not all fashion, Flipboard is a super functional app that allows you to get the news you need. It also links well with your social media accounts.


Computers allow us to do things fast. That includes learning languages. Duolingo can help you excel in 16 different languages if you’re an English speaker. It’s fun, quirky, looks good and works well. It’s a seriously great app and can turn a spare five minutes into an opportunity to learn.

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