Zentility Review – An Automated Energy Service That Will Save You Time And Money

Our energy bills are just way too high, but lowering them doesn’t require spending huge amounts of money on green power gadgets or sacrificing your sanity.

Zentility is an automated energy service formed to provide transparency to a complex and under-educated market in which energy is a big cost and an even bigger opportunity for businesses. Through their patent-pending algorithmic decision engine, Zentility is re-imagining how businesses manage their energy expenses. Their automated energy management service puts you first. In doing so, Zentility has created an effortless way to manage energy for a new generation of business owners.

What Makes Zentility So Powerful?

  • Rate Automation
    Zentility’s rate logic software continuously searches energy markets for the best energy rates and strategies for your business. Through effortless automation, our software switches you to the supplier that provides the best option, given price and term.  Zentility does the heavy lifting and manages a personalized online rate strategy to help you understand what is driving your cost and where improvements can be gained over time.
  • Proactive Consumption
    Zentility analyzes your energy usage 24/7 and provides you with detailed feedback and recommendations as learn more about your energy consumption. Our goal is to provide you with data that will drive actionable savings results for your business. By analyzing your data, and looking for specific trends, our software provides tailored communications designed to uncover savings beyond the reduction of your load profile (e.g. lighting, HVAC, and control upgrades).
  • Bill Scan Technology
    Zentility’s Bill Scan technology scans your past, present, and future utility bills for errors, overages, and irregularities. We immediately alert you and your supplier or utility to ensure that you have an accurate and up to date view of all your energy charges.
  • Marketplace Automation
    Zentility’s Marketplace technology scans each customer’s supplier contract(s) and monthly utility bills to understand what rate strategy will best suite the customer’s needs. Once these data points have been analyzed, quote requests are triggered from all applicable suppliers at which point we can automatically communicate what terms and strategy is best for the customer.

How Does This All Work?

Getting started with Zentility is a piece of cake!

You need to start off by signing up on the Zentility website or by downloading their app on your mobile phone. This process is painless and literally take less than two minutes. It’s important to mention that you’ll need to authorize Zentility to access, use and distribute its billing data with energy suppliers for bidding purposes. By law and regulatory requirement, Zentility and potential suppliers must keep the information confidential.

Zentility’s intelligent software securely sends your data to and invites bids from energy suppliers that are licensed to do business in the state and have been vetted by Zentility. The resulting bids are conveyed to Zentility’s software platform, which analyzes them and produces a report and recommendation that is e-mailed to you and/or sent to a mobile device, along with the winning supplier’s proposed contract.

Of course you’re not forced to accept the app’s recommendations, but if you do, you can signal your acceptance via the app or by email.

Let’s Talk Pricing

So how much will Zentility cost you? Well, it’s free. Yes, free!

They get paid by energy suppliers only after a business executes an energy contract through their platform. When a business chooses to manage its energy rate selection, through Zentility’s core energy rate decision engine, their software selects the best available rate. At this time Zentility takes a small fee for making the switch.

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