Bubble Shooter Is Back At It Again

bubble shooter review

I know what you’re thinking, “here we go again, another one of those puzzle games”. Yes, yes it is… but that doesn’t have to mean that it’s just like the rest. Each game is unique and has it’s own unique gameplay and characteristics.

The unique characteristics of Bubble Shooter by 3DGAMES is that you rescue sheep that are trapped by the bubbles. You also shoot bubbles out of a canon! How cool is that? The game play is simple: tap the screen to shoot and match bubbles of the same color to burst them and release the sheep. The downside is that there is a limited number of bubbles.

There are well over 200 levels of challenging puzzles so fear not, it will probably take you a while to finish all the levels. Plus, there are always new levels with every update.

Bubble shooter has a lot of amazing props, bubble colors and different types of bubble with different powers. The soundtrack isn’t bad either, as opposed to other games where you would have to mute your phone because of the annoying music.

Bubble Shooter is very entertaining to play and like similar apps, highly addictive! All you’d want to do is keep saving those poor sheep.

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