Chatra – The Live Chatting Software Review

chatra review

Live chat facility has become vital for any business. Nowadays it is very common to see live chat facility on most websites especially on eCommerce websites. One of the major reasons is that it facilitates instant communication between the business representative and the potential customer ultimately leading to the desired conversion or say goal. Live chat paves robust medium for quality customer service. The crux of which lies on the real-time personal interaction without which any live chat looks dull and ineffective.

Speaking of real-time chatting, I’m about to discuss Chatra Live Chat service, a live chat messenger app which does more than other conventional live chat programs. Devoid of clunky and corporate complexities, Chatra offers simple but feature rich elements to spice up any conversation and bring desired results for any business in a friendlier, helpful way. The chat software offers both online and offline messaging service for businesses.

Unique Features Of Chatra Live Chat

  • Chatra Chat history is saved both for agent and the customer even after browser is closed. Even unsent messages are saved in the history.
  • Chatra lets you prepare answers at time when visitors are still busy typing. This way you can impress them with the speed of your reactions.
  • Group chat facility makes it more effective and impressive. All agents are able to access conversations even those assigned to other team members.
  • Chat is intelligently distributed to team members. Thus any chat never goes unattended.
  • Chats are visible to all the team members. If someone quits, any other agent can resume the conversation.
  • Chats can be reviewed on iPhone and can be replied from any device depending upon the status if its urgent or important etc..
  • Colors are assigned to nameless visitors and thus making it easy for agents to identify users.
  • Chats are encrypted which ensures solid privacy and security.
  • Edit features makes it easy to make or undo any change to conversation texts.

Chatra is built for any type of business big or small. But it appears to be more powerful for small businesses for which each and every contact is precious. Apart from assisting in online conversions, it enables a personal touch which in turn builds a solid foundation for long lasting business relationship.

If you are into eCommerce business then Chatra Live Chat can help you deal with cart abandonment in a very impressive manner and help your business grow in leaps and bound by increasing the number of orders you receive. Average order value is likely take a boost. Also, Chatra lets you build your mailing list easily which later can be used in your future marketing efforts.

As already stated, Chatra can also be accessed offline via messenger. Thus it gives you freedom from being online 24/7. That way you could study your customer anytime, build mailing list, identify problem area and take necessary action.

For now, Chatra Live Chat supports 6 languages. Language is chosen based on visitor browser settings.

Well, I am pretty impressed with Chatra. And more so because, it is completely free to use with a lot of features. The free version supports 5 agents while the paid version removes this restriction and unlocks all features. Better suited for mid sized businesses.

I have also been using live chat service on my site from Zopim. Though its not really required on this site, I still consider it important. Now after discovering Chatra, I am thinking to give it a try especially after reading reviews of Chatra from its real users. The live chat app from Chatra seems to be very productive for businesses.

Why not give it a try? Head over to Chatra’s website and check it out today.

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