How To Get Your Customers To Respond To Your Emails

how to get email responses

Isn’t it frustrating? You’ve spent a long time crafting the perfect email to send to your customers, fully expecting the responses to come flooding back in. You hit send and wait. But nothing seems to be coming back.

We all know that email marketing is an extremely useful tool. Studies have shown that it is infinitely more effective than traditional forms of advertising. You have a captive audience of people who have either bought from you before, or who have agreed to be contacted by you in the past. However, it’s an art form that is difficult to get right. People are often bombarded with tens of these emails every day, so you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

Take a look at these tips for maximizing the responses from your email marketing campaign.

Tone Down The Corporate Style

People generally like to receive emails that they feel are just for them. Try to use informal language and put people at ease straight away. Use a design that is more minimalist to highlight the key information, and make sure everything matches up with your branding. Check out Avex Designs if you need any assistance with web design services.

Don’t bombard people as this will make them much more likely to unsubscribe. Instead, only email when you have something important to say or you have an exclusive offer to inform them about. Show readers that you are on their side by offering solutions and advice for free. Use their name rather than just referring to them as a subscriber. Any personal touches you can add are always a bonus.

Get Your Emails Opened

Getting subscribers to open your emails in the first place is half the battle. Many people have inboxes that are fit to burst and often delete emails en masse. Just as a newspaper headline draws in readers, your email subject line should grab your subscriber’s attention and encourage them to open your email above the hundreds of others they receive.

Promise a solution to a problem, or show that you are offering a different slant on a current news story. You want to make people curious enough to open. Try to get your point across in a short, snappy way. A good trick is to throw in an unusual word or two to make people sit up and take notice. Subscribe to other lists to find out what other businesses are doing. Once you have got people opening a few times, they are more likely to keep doing so.

Keep Their Attention

If you have a number of different points, clearly divide these up and encourage people to click back through to your website to find out more. Make sure you edit your emails before sending them out. If you can say something more quickly, you should do so. Also, double check for spelling and grammatical mistakes as this can make people switch off and trust you less.

Try to vary the style from email to email. People don’t like to think they are receiving the same thing again and again. Use different greetings to make your emails seem less formulaic and more like they are coming from a real person. One thing you will want to keep consistent is your tone of voice. People will quickly come to associate it with your particular business. Try to include humor when you can.

Convert Subscribers Into Buyers

Of course you want to be helpful and support your customers, but you also need to make sales to continue the successful running of your business. The first step is getting your customers on side and keeping them there. Highlight how successful your product is and the benefits it can bring into your subscribers’ lives.

If you are sending people an offer, make sure there is a clear deadline so people are encouraged to buy now. Many people consider buying a product but then put if off for a long time, so anything you can do to make that sale is a positive thing. Make sure the link to buy is clearly displayed and that your call to action directs people exactly what they need to do next. If people have already bought from you, give them discount codes that encourage them to buy again.

Try using all of these tips and hopefully you will notice a marked improvement in your responses. And you’ll finally feel like you’re having a two-way conversation and not just sending your emails out into the abyss!

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.