Get Used To Chinese Firms Breaking Records

You’ve probably never heard of Xiaomi (pronounced Shaowme); I don’t blame you, but you have to get used to pronouncing it. The startup has managed to raise $1.1 billion in venture capital funding during the last four years; according to their books Xiaomi is currently valued at $45 billion.

This valuation earns Xiaomi the title “Most Valued Start-up” smashing the previous record held by the Wall Street Journal by $5 billion (nominal rates).

Xiaomi is currently the world’s third largest cell-phone producer, but its reputation as an apple copy cat doesn’t aid it in foreign markets. But the future may be bright.

Xiaomi just stated today that its next flagship (the Mi5) is going to arrive next month, most probably during CES 2015.

We will be looking forward to see what the firm has to offer in the upcoming weeks.