Getting The Best Out Of Tech In The Workplace

tech in workplace

Your office manager comes to you every so often asking for stationary orders, right? It’s the usual – pens, notepads, maybe a calculator or two. You use all of this to try and organize your day, but the constant scribbles, doodles and mistakes mean that before too long, you’re covered in paper! There’s a note here and a note there.

It’s time to start moving away from paper. Paper and notepads have their uses, but you can keep a cleaner workspace and a cleaner head if you just allow software to take the brunt of your organizational duties.

Let’s start off by replacing some outdated apps. If you switch to Google Drive to store your company’s work you can start collaborating anywhere you are and can view any piece of work at any time. You can download documents as any file type required and everything is backed up. You won’t lose anything again, and your administration tasks that were previously performed on Excel and Word will be available night and day. It’s time to get efficient, and that’s the easiest way.

It’s not just about tech. While a huge part of your business will revolve around computers, technology, and developments are creating new theories on performance management. You can connect your entire workforce with performance management solutions, and once the tech is in order – it’s certainly worth a look into.

Regarding internal communications, emails are fantastic – but they are outdated. It’s time to turn to instant messaging. Software like Slack can help transform the productivity of your business by giving an organized platform for instant communication and collaboration. What’s more is that it can link up with applications like Google Drive to give you total unity across the board while working and communicating. Slack is extremely mobile friendly giving you the perfect work-based instant messaging app for the work phone.

Speaking of work phones, you should ensure that the workplace has the capability to offer staff a company phone so those who need to stay in the loop, can keep in touch and not be harassed on their personal mobile. What’s more, a laptop, tablet, and even wearables won’t hurt the productivity in the workplace, but that all depends on your budget. Spare no expense, though.

Video-conferencing is another possibility with the right equipment – look into the Chromebox and a good screen, and you’ll be able to keep networking and connectivity with the right people and ensure all the necessary meetings can take place, no matter the location.

Technology is an important part of a well-functioning workplace, but as long as you’ve got the right staff in the right places equipped with the right equipment, you’ll be on the right path. It’s all about noticing the little things and asking yourself, ‘can we simplify this process?’ If you can, get it changed and transform your workplace! It’s all about using technology and not letting the technology completely absorb your place of work, do your research, read the manuals and be the boss of all of this.

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