Here’s How You Can Create A Professional Email Signature

Business communication requires some level of formality, different rules, and regulations. A number of them are related to the online communication. Whether you are a top manager or an officer, you need to finish your letter with an email signature. How to make it professionally? Let’s take a look.

An email signature is a piece of an HTML code which is inserted into your email client. Gmail, Outlook, and many other services have special fields to type some information which is automatically added to the bottom of every letter.

However, doing this way, you get cannot apply some formatting or make your signature attractive. You get a plain text as a result.

In order to create a professional email signature, better to use a special software. A signature, created with it, besides its professional layout, opens many other marketing opportunities, such as boosting the traffic to your website or social media accounts if you include links.

Newoldstamp is a simple tool to create a signature. It has an intuitive design which allows even a person without deep online experience create a perfect signature almost effortlessly.

It requires just three basic steps and usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

Let’s go through them.

1- Access

In the right top corner, you see two buttons: “Create free signature” and “Sign up free”. The first button allows you creating free signatures. However, if has only four templates with fewer opportunities for personalization.

In order to create something really stunning, we would recommend signing up. You have a free trial first, and then, paying just a few dollars, you can make fully personalized signature. There is almost unlimited number of options for customization, so your signature will match your corporate style, be very nice and really professional.

2- Fill In Your Information

Newoldstamp is a really simple tool to get your signature. You can see fields with hints, so just type the information you would like to include (like you name, job title, company website, social media profiles), upload photo or logotype.

3- Copy And Paste The Result Into Your Email Client

Yes, that’s all. When you filled in the information, the software generates the HTML code for you, and you just need to follow the instruction under its picture to insert the signature into Outlook, Gmail or any other email client.

Your signature looks really professional, and you do not put many efforts into it. With upgraded account, you even can create a banner, or add more images. It’s your opportunity for free advertisement – say people whom you are sending letters what you do and what your business is about. And Newoldstamp will take care of the professional and easy in use way of creating your signature.

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