How To Turn Off Predictive Text In iOS 8

Apple calls its iOS 8 keyboard the “smartest ever.” As you type, you’ll see words and phrases pop up that “you’d probably type next, based on your past conversations and writing style.”

Clever as this QuickType feature may be, it can be annoying if the suggestions aren’t actually what you were going to type next, and you need to keep deleting words.

If your iPhone’s predictive text options drive you crazy, it’s extremely easy to shut them up. Whether you’re looking for a temporary fix or a long-term solution, we show you how to get rid of the options below.i4

To make the QuickType suggestions go away temporarily, simply place your finger on the gray bar and swipe it down. Should you want to restore it, just drag the gray bar back up.i3

You can also press and hold the keyboard icon (the smiley face to the left of the microphone icon) at the bottom-left of your keyboard. This brings up a shortcut to toggle predictive text on and off.i2

Alternatively, you can head to your iPhone’s Settings menu. Tap on “General,” then “Keyboard” to see the full options for your iOS keyboard, and turn predictive text off.


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