The Jumper Charger – A Portable Wallet Phone Charger

the jumper charger

At some point in every smartphone user’s life there’s a moment of panic when the battery is starting to fade and a charging source is nowhere in sight. Introducing the ‘Jumper Charger.’

About the size of a credit card, the Jumper Charger is a ‘power card’ that tucks into your wallet or purse and lets you charge your phone and other digital devices from any USB port or its own rechargeable battery.

Dubbed the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for phone chargers, the Jumper Charger features fold-out data/power transfer cables, three of the most popular digital phone connectors, an on-board battery for last-minute phone calls, a micro sd card slot for up to 128 GB of data storage and even its own led flashlight.

The IndieGoGo campaign features not only the handy Jumper Charger, but also some very unique rewards / gift-perks sent to donors who contribute to the campaign. These include Solar Chargers, Micro SD cards, Dual-Port Car Chargers and a $7,500 Benefactor’s package, that includes an all expense paid weekend at a posh Beverly Hills hotel, a beautiful rental Ferrari, tickets to the latest Broadway show and a special Sunday brunch at a gorgeous waterfront restaurant in beautiful Marina Del Rey California.

The IndieGoGo Jumper Charger crowdfunding campaign launches on September 12, and runs for a total of 30 days.

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