Make Your Office One For The Future

futuristic office

Why, when there is a whole world of possibility out there, would anybody rely on what has gone in the past to dictate how they run their company? Silicon Valley startups have turned the traditional office upside down. In these days, the idea of ‘an office’ is completely fluid. You’re able to decide every detail that goes into making your office what it is, which in turn tells everybody who visits your premises exactly what you’re all about. For sure, setting up an office is a chance to get creative, to make it an extension of your business and personality. Any forward thinking company needs to be bold: be adventurous: be one for the future!

The Design

You’re limited in a sense that you might have four walls and a roof and a finite space to work with, but that’s about where your limitations end. When you first walk into your office, what possibilities do you see? Because you don’t need to have individual rooms, cubicles, doors, anything at all. You don’t have to have anything if you don’t want to. You’ll know how you want your office to look, the paint on the walls and general style, so choose an office space that allows you to build up from scratch and get exactly what you want.

The Infrastructure

There are some necessities when it comes to office infrastructure. There will be computers and technology and there has to be places for people to work, but again, that’s kind of it. You might want to have no set desk space, instead choosing to let people decide where they want to work on any given day. You could do away with chairs and invest in the ever popular adjustable height desk for your staff, or it might be beanbags and relaxation spaces. Having a blend of places where people can decide whether they want to work alone or collaborate with others is also a good option. Effectively, these kind of things make the office seem less like work and more a creative space.

The Culture

Stuffy suits and board meetings are out; casual dress code and meetings in your corner cafe are in. Your office will undoubtedly say a lot about you are and where you’re trying to go as a company. The tone of the office comes down straight from the boss, and whatever it is should facilitate creative growth and show that you trust your employees.

The Fun

Ah, the good stuff: fun! We all know about the fun that startups in Silicon Valley provide their staff with, but why must it be limited to California? Think of a fun as a duty of care for the staff who are making your business what it is. A pool table is good; a bar is better; a massage treatment facility is outright outrageously good. Having these perks as part of your office will make your workplace be somewhere that the workers actually want to spend extra time in rather than leaving as they clock off – and what boss doesn’t want that?

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.