Make Your WordPress Site Irresistible

Like anyone running a blog, I’m sure you want yours to be as attractive as possible to your target market. However you’re planning to generate revenue, you need to make people want to be on your site. Yes, different blogs will be aimed at different audiences. However, there are still a few universal things you can do to make your WordPress site more attractive.

One of the best ways you can build up the audience of your WordPress site is through an email mailing list. This is the way a lot of people receive updates from the blogs they follow. One of the most effective ways to build your list is putting opt-in forms in appropriate places on your blog. Some like to keep it above the fold, so that users are certain to see it. the top of the sidebar is another good place to have an opt-in form. The traditional place to have it had always been at the bottom of each post. Sure, this could be a way of whittling down your following to people who are genuinely interested. However, I recommend keeping your opt-in forms in the most visible places possible.

Design features are also important when it comes to making your WordPress site more attractive. I don’t mean to insult your tastes, but the odds are there’s a better theme out there than what you’re using at the moment. This is especially true if you’re using a free or particularly cheap theme. You’re not going to turn many heads if people can see that you’re using an overused template! Using an eye-catching, but simple WordPress theme is the secret to many sites’ success. Other design features you should be thinking about include the typography. Don’t use fonts which are too extravagant or small to read. You need absolutely anyone to be able to land on your site, and start reading fluently.

Finally, make your content engaging and readable. Far too many business-people are more focused on the frequency of their posting, rather than the quality. It’s great if you can post a high-quality blog post every day. However, it’s better to have one good post in a week than seven terrible ones. In all honesty, the point and information in your blog posts doesn’t have to be anything that special. However, you do need to present them in an exciting, engaging way. Look at the following two titles: “How to Get More Blog Views” and “Send Your Blog Traffic Through the Roof!” Now, which one of these would you be more likely to click on? In the body of the content as well, be very careful with the way you write. You may be an undisputed expert in your field. However, to appeal to a wider audience, it’s important not to get stuck in a formal, lecturer’s tone.

Apply these three changes, and I assure you you’ll see an increase in traffic. Bear in mind though that this can only take you so far. A lot of WordPress marketing is down to your specific target audience.

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