How To Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint With Lighting

reduce your business's carbon footprint with lighting

We are all aware of how LED lighting helps reduce our electrical energy consumption, this is a magnificent way of reducing our carbon footprint. “freakin bright lights” have recently assisted a client in reducing their lighting energy costs to a quarter of their original costs. We think this is amazing!

But the other cost that I want to bring to the forefront is that LEDs have a limited lifespan. Good quality LEDs will last 5 to 6 years. The problem is that most lighting manufacturers expect you to dispose of the entire fitting when the LEDs fail. We feel that this is wasteful and expensive.

You can’t just dispose of a light fitting as it is unlawful and just wrong to do so. The right thing to do is to have it processed by a waste management company. Currently it can cost you as much as R500 (USD42) to have a light fitting processed.

“freakin bright lights” have a passion for reducing their impact on the environment and we hope that you share the same passion.

When “freakin bright lights” was designed they didn’t want to just reduce your electricity bill but reduce the impact of industry on mother earth. So, they took a careful look at warehousing and factory lighting. Do you know that most of the warehouses and factories in the 3rd world still use mercury vapor or mercury based lighting technology? Even though mercury based lighting technologies have been banned in Europe and the USA.

But I digress!

“freakin bright lights” wanted to move back to the concept of just replacing the lightbulb. This is not so easy with LEDs as they emit a lot of heat that needs to dissipate. They came up with a unique modular design that allows you to purchase a service kit for your “freakin bright lights”. With the aid of a few simple tools you can replace the old LED modules and because they are made of aluminium most computer scrap dealers will take them for processing free of charge.

With “freakin bright lights” you can reduce your impact on mother earth and the impact on your pocket by having a light fitting that can easily last 20 years.

Amir H. Nasr Editor-in-Chief Instagram: @amir_nasr Twitter: @AmirNasr