The Facebook Hello App Is A Smarter Way To Make Phone Calls [VIDEO]

The phone app on your smartphone is really dumb. Facebook’s new Hello app wants to make it smarter. For an encore, it’s more connected and provides the context for things that matter to you.

Available as a free app for Android smartphones from the Google Play Store, Hello is a “customized and useful phone experience” that taps into your Facebook account to surface relevant information related to making calls.

For example, you’ll be able to see who’s calling you even if you don’t have the caller’s phone number saved in your contacts. You’ll be able to search for people and businesses. And when you do the latter, you’ll even be able to look up business hours, make a reservation at a restaurant or get directions.

It’s like Yelp, Open Table and Google Maps rolled into your the phone app. Hello is also very similar to the Google Dialer that you get on Nexus smartphones.

The Hello app lets you easily block unwanted calls, sending them straight to your voicemail. The app is linked to Facebook Messenger, so you can text a person instantly without having to open that app separately.

As with WhatsApp’s new Wi-Fi calling feature for iPhone, the Hello app can place calls via a cellular connection or Wi-Fi for free.

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